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The undersigned owner seeks approval from the Arbor Greene Design Review Board (DRB) for ONE the following improvements:

NOTE: Applications without all required documentation will not be reviewed.

ALL details of Structure or Exterior Installation/Modifications/Alterations, must be FULLY explained below:

YOU MUST ADHERE TO ONE ENTIRE COLOR SCHEME (You may not flip flop body or trim, etc, nor may you choose a body from one scheme and a trim or door from another scheme. Selections from two or more paint schemes will not be approved.

If you need to view approved color schemes, please CLICK HERE for the Arbor Greene color charts.

Village Paint Book
Scheme Number
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Type Color Name Finish (Flat or Satin only) Manufacturer & Color Number
1. Body
2. Trim, Shutters, Medallions
3. Front Door
4. Garage Door (trim or body)

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NOTE: I understand and agree that construction or other improvements for which approval is granted hereunder must commence within 3 months from the approval date and be completed within 6 months of the approval date. If the construction and/or improvements have not begun within said 3 month period, or have not been completed within 6 months of the approval date, this approval shall be null and void and a new DRB application must be submitted. I will notify the DRB in writing when the project is complete by submitting the Notice of Completion (NOC) form. I further understand and agree that the DRB will be given access to my property, with proper notification and permission, if a visual inspection is required for final approval.

The property owner agrees not to begin property improvement(s) until the DRB provides notification in writing of its approval. If any change is made that has not been approved, it is understand and agreed that the HOA has the right to require removal of the improvement from the property, and/or will require recuperation of all legal and administrative fees incurred by the HOA to affect the same.

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