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Mailbox Option A

Your village mailbox options are shown below. Please make sure you review and adhere to the required paint color and guidelines document below. Questions should be directed to our Community Association Manager (CAM) using our “Contact-Us” option on this website or emailing our CAM directly.

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Your only mailbox option is:

• Stucco

The following villages are approved to use this type of mailbox:

*No specifications are found for this option

Cast Aluminum:

Creative Mailboxes
(813) 818-7100

Brent Selby
Alumina Products, Inc.


Creative Mailboxes
(813) 818-7100

To Replace Wooden Mailboxes:


American Architectural Foam Works
(813) 714-9454 or (813) 443-0791

Repair & Full Repaint:

(for all types of mailboxes within Arbor Greene)

Amy Scheld
(813) 991-0110
Starting at $60.00 – Price includes:
  • Cleaning
  • Paint Body
  • Paint Trim
  • Spray Flag
  • Re-glue Number

*Stucco repairs are an additional cost.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your mailbox so it may continue to give you many years of enjoyment and longevity for your investment.

Imagine what would happen to your automobile finish if you left it on the street in the sun baking and never washed it for years. It isn’t hard to envision the results. Your new mailbox is no different. It requires care and attention to maintain and extend its beauty. Caring for your new mailbox is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

1. Pick up some Rain‑X® Spot Free Car Wash and Lime-A-Way® spray at your local auto parts store. These products, when used as directed will clean and protect the surface from most water spots and grime.

2. For stubborn stains, use Lime-A-Way® spray, rinsing thoroughly when complete to remove any residual chemicals. Follow with a good cleaning using the Rain‑X® Spot Free Car Wash to help repel spots and stains. We would like to caution the use of Lime-A-Way®: This product should only be used if Rain-X® Spot Free Car Wash does not remove all of the stains. Lime-A-Way® is a caustic product and can harm automotive paint finishes and could shorten the life of your mailbox finish if not used properly and thoroughly removed from the painted surface after application.

3. Most boxes can be cleaned using Rain-X® Spot Free Car Wash alone, allowing more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new mailbox!

4. As a courtesy, Creative Mailbox and Sign Designs offer a complete cleaning and protectant seal of your existing cast aluminum mailbox assembly for $135.00. If there are five (5) or more cleanings in a single neighborhood scheduled for a single visit, the per-home price would be $50.00 each. Contact our Customer Service Department at (Toll Free) (800) 804-4809 to schedule this service.

Other tips:

1. Keep yard caring equipment like weed whackers and tillers away from the mailbox and hand trim those areas to reduce the risks of damage.

2. Do not allow a sprinkler system to spray on the boxes directly. Many sprinkler systems have hard water, chlorine, sulfides and other contaminants which can damage protective coatings like paint and powder coat, greatly reducing the life span of your investment.

3. Do not hang, lean, shake or allow children to play on the mailboxes. This can cause damage to your product if enough force is administered.

4. Always look in your rear view mirror when backing out of the driveway. You just washed and waxed your mailbox, as well as your car, and we don’t want to see either of them blemished in any way.