Welcome to the Arbor Green Homeowners Association

Request DRB Approval

The Arbor Greene HOA must approve any changes to the exterior of your property BEFORE you begin the work.

Arbor Greene HOA Design Review Board (DRB) has implemented this portal for you to request a design review online for faster response. Please review the sections below to verify that the work that you are requesting is within the guidelines of the community. For your convenience, we are providing the swatches for our community approved colors and other important information. As a reminder, ANY EXTERIOR HOME IMPROVEMENT OR REMODELING PLAN MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO THE WORK BEGINNING. Thank you for helping to maintain the standards of our community.



Arbor Green HOA requires that you use approved paint colors for any exterior painting. Each Village has a set of paint color swatches respective to their community. Click above to select and view your approved colors.


The Arbor Green HOA Design Review Board implemented a mailbox policy to maintain consistency in the Arbor Greene community’s appearance. Please click about to view a selection approved mailbox options.



The Arbor Green HOA Design Review Board implemented landscaping guidelines for our community. Any landscaping done on a homeowners property must be approved prior to an addition or change of landscaping. Click above to read our landscaping guidelines.