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The Arbor Greene HOA must approve any changes to the exterior of your property BEFORE you begin the work.

Arbor Greene has implemented a new Architectural Application procedure.

Arbor Greene DRB has some exciting news. Beginning April 13, 2022, you can submit your Design Review Applications online through a user-friendly experience.

For access, please go to G360.GREENACRE.COM. The site requires a PIN Code. If you do not have your PIN Code please email webaccess@greenacre.com. To login for the first time, please click on the “Create an account now” link and enter the required information. Once completed, click on “Signup” and you will be logged into your account. The PIN is then no longer needed.

Once you have logged on the owner portal you will have access to open violations, community documents, ability to view account balances and submit payments.

To Submit an Design Review Request:

• Select Architectural at the top of the page
• Select Architectural Request
• Select +New Request
• Choose Form Type (i.e. Additions, Awnings, Dumpster, Exterior Paint, Fence, etc.)
Read the community instructions
Complete the Application
• Electronically sign and date the Form
Upload supporting documents under Files (i.e. lot survey, site plans, architect’s plans, diagrams, paint swatches, material list, sample products, photographs, product descriptions, model numbers, dimensions, county permits, etc.)

**You can view the status of your application on the homepage under My Architectural Requests**

Once the committee reviews the application an email will be sent to advising of the application approval or denial or if you will need to submit further information for the committee to complete the review.

If you have any questions, you may email Lizzie Callaway at lcallaway@greenacre.com.

NOTE: In order to receive email notifications from the Association, after login please go to My Account, and then select My Profile. Confirm the information is correct, check the Email Notification box, accept the Disclaimer and Save.

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Looking for DRB Policies & Guidelines?



Arbor Green HOA requires that you use approved paint colors for any exterior painting. Each Village has a set of paint color swatches respective to their community. Click above to select and view your approved colors.


The Arbor Green HOA Design Review Board implemented a mailbox policy to maintain consistency in the Arbor Greene community’s appearance. Please click about to view a selection approved mailbox options.



The Arbor Green HOA Design Review Board implemented landscaping guidelines for our community. Any landscaping done on a homeowners property must be approved prior to an addition or change of landscaping. Click above to read our landscaping guidelines.