Hello Arbor Greene Neighbors,

The HOA Board of Directors have investigated numerous claims against our previously contracted management company over the past few years, and presented those findings to management leaders for accountability and resolution. Management leaders revealed that our contract fees were not enough to compensate for their newly admitted inability to properly manage our community without a substantial fee increase. The management leaders then proposed adding staff for an extra $50,000 in annual fees, to be shared by the entire community, to try to bring Arbor Greene back to basic standards. Company leaders then admitted that their management of Arbor Greene was never truly enough to sustain our community’s needs. The proposed increase in management fees, subsequent administration and legal fees, would have led to a nearly 50% increase in annual HOA dues. After learning that the licensed management company we trusted was never admittedly able to properly manage our community, the HOA Board of Directors unanimously agreed to end our partnership with the company and find a new company capable of returning our community back to the original standards it was built on.

The partnering with Creative Management coincides with the annual HOA budget review and adoption. With associated administrative and legal fees, this year’s annual budget depicts a 27% increase over last year’s HOA fees and is reflective of the level of quality management our community is now contracted to receive and the attention our investments fully deserve. Please watch for the new budget mailing.

Please consider coming to the Arbor Greene Clubhouse on 10 October at 6:30 PM to “meet and greet” the Creative Management staff as well as your HOA Board and DRB members. This first of its kind gathering allows residents an informal opportunity to meet the new team and discuss any HOA related topics. This event is paid for by your volunteer HOA board members and vendors, and not funded by your HOA fees.

Thank you for your helpful feedback and for caring about your community.


Arbor Greene HOA Board of Directors