If you have not read the previous “Super Inspection” post, or seen the last few HOA articles in the Arbor Greene Gazette, please take the time to review this latest post.

The Arbor Greene Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Board of Directors has heard and investigated multiple resident complaints over the past few years regarding the decline in the overall upkeep and compliance with official governing standards throughout the community. As a result of these investigations, the Arbor Greene HOA has ended it’s partnership with Greenacre Properties after attempting to gain the quality and professional management services that the entire Association had been paying for and expecting but not receiving.

After addressing numerous concerns with Greenacre Properties leadership, the Arbor Greene HOA Board of Directors was offered a solution to add additional personnel to the Greenacre management team in order to “keep up” with the work required to bring the beauty and consistency back to our community that had been lacking. The Greenacre price-tag for this addition of personnel was proposed at an additional $50,000 per year, nearly doubling the management fee to Arbor Greene and meant to be shared by all homeowners in an effort to repair the problems caused by the same management company’s lack of consistent management. This increase would have lead to an HOA fee hike of 40-50% per homeowner. The HOA Board of Directors decided that any increase in costs to the Association in order to regain our community, would be better spent only by partnering with a new and more professional management company. After a month of review and comprehensive board level interviews, the Arbor Greene HOA Board of Directors chose to end the relationship with Greenacres Properties in order to partner with a more professional and more capable management company; Creative Management.

Partnered with our HOA Board of Directors, Creative Management has begun a thorough and comprehensive “Super Inspection”, designed to report and catalog all compliance matters from the largest to the smallest. At the direction of the HOA Board of Directors, Creative Management will be working with residents to gain compliance with the pre-existing governing standards required to maintain and improve the property investments that each owner purchased within this community for.

The HOA Super Inspection is underway and may take up to 2 months to complete. Please be patient and if you receive any compliance standard notices that you are unsure about, please be sure to communicate with the Creative Management team who will help to provide all of the information necessary to assist in your understanding of the standards within Arbor Greene. For a preliminary review, please visit the Arbor Greene HOA Website at www.arborgreenehoa.com/rules-regulations/ for Covenant information and individual village guidelines.

Please do not hesitate to use the Contact-Us option on our website in order to ask any questions you may have either before, during, or after the Super Inspection.

Thank you for your understanding and for caring about our community. This Board, partnered with Creative Management, are aimed at regaining the beauty and luster that each of us invested in our community for.


Arbor Greene Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors