Storm Drain Gutter (a.k.a. Miami Curb) Cleaning

The HOA Board of Directors (BOD) has recognized and evaluated the increasing concerns that residents have with storm drain gutters (a.k.a. Miami Curbs) based on oak tree damage and resulting drainage problems. The CDD is responsible for repair and maintenance of storm drain gutters and is researching methods to correct these problems. The HOA BOD requested legal review to address any possible relief of covenant enforcement regarding gutter cleanliness. Based on HOA attorney’s advice, CDD storm drain gutter responsibility, and the significant number of gutter repairs required throughout the community, the HOA formally voted to withhold enforcement of storm drain gutter cleaning and will review the topic again in 1 year.

Any outstanding violations specifically related to Storm Drain “Gutter” only, will be cleared from the homeowner’s responsibility to complete cleaning of. All other cleaning responsibilities, such as driveways, walkways and sidewalks are still the responsibility of the homeowner. If you have any questions, please use the HOA website “Contact Us” link to communicate with our team.

Thank you all for working with us to review these concerns and gain temporary homeowner relief as repairs are sought and affected throughout the community.


HOA Board of Directors