We were advised by South Data, the coupon processing company, that there was an error in their proccessing of the Arbor Greene 2019 Payment Statement.  The return address at the top of the statement was incorrect.  South Data resent the statements with the correct return address along with a letter of explanation. Though the address in upper corner of the statement was incorrect, the coupon statement itself did have the correct payment mailing address on the tearoff coupon for the payment. Therefore, whether you used the first coupon or the corrected coupon to make your payment, it has the correct payment mailing address, PO Box 20105, Tampa, FL 33622-0105.

For those of you who have already mailed in your payment before receiving the corrected statement, you don’t need to do anything we will receive the payments.  For those of you who have yet to make your payment, please make your payment before January 30, 2019 using one of the provided tearoff coupon on either of the statements.