The Arbor Greene HOA, and its management company, Greenacre Properties, Inc., are responsible for helping homeowner’s maintain property standards through inspection and enforcement of HOA Covenants. The HOA also processes and manages requests for property improvements and changes proposed by owners or renters. This process helps maintain the overall value of our community, keeping Arbor Greene one of the premiere communities in New Tampa.

The HOA has assembled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist residents. They concern both the questions that come up most often, as well as how to work with the HOA, DRB and Greenacre Properties, Inc., to make property changes, improvements and resolve issues in areas such as:

  • Approved Paint Color Schemes For Repainting Any Part Of The Outside Of A House
  • Landscape Changes Or Other Exterior Changes Such As Fencing Or Pools
  • Trash, Recycling And Yard Waste Pick Up Days
  • When Trash Cans Can Be Put Out And Must Be Brought Back In
  • On Street Parking
  • Mailbox Colors And Maintenance
  • What Is Considered Property Maintenance?

More detailed answers to these and many other questions can be found on this website, reviewing Arbor Greene Covenants, or by contacting the Greenacre Properties Property Manager. Residents are reminded to please familiarize themselves with the Arbor Greene covenants and by-laws, which provide complete explanations of resident responsibilities.

Here’s what other homeowners frequently ask:

Who do I contact with questions or concerns regarding any HOA matters, including covenant compliance questions?

Residents are always encouraged to first contact our Creative Management Community Association Manager (CAM) and/or the HOA directly. The contact information is below:

Management Company
Greenacre Properties, Inc
4131 Gunn Highway
Tampa, FL 33618
Liza Tholen
Community Association Manager
(813) 936-4135

Who do I contact or where do I go to request Estoppel Letters, Lender Questionnaires or Community Documents?

Requests for Estoppel Letters, Lender Questionnaires, and other Community Documents can be made through the HomeWise-Docs website. Please visit the site by clicking on the following link, creating an account, and following the prompts to place your order.

When are HOA board meetings and can residents attend?

Residents are encouraged to attend monthly HOA and DRB meetings to learn more about their community, or to bring matters to the board’s attention. Meetings are held at the clubhouse on the 2nd Monday of each month; 6pm for DRB, and 7pm for HOA. Meeting dates occasionally change, so please check community publications and community entry signs. [View HOA Calendar]

What is the purpose of the Design Review Board and how does the DRB process work?

The DRB is made up of community volunteers who are appointed by the HOA. They are responsible for approving all changes and improvements to home and property exteriors, consistent with the Arbor Greene covenants. Change and improvement applications must be submitted to the DRB in advance and approved in writing before any work begins. The DRB board meet monthly just before HOA meetings. [Request Design Approval]

Where can I find approved paint color schemes and paint guidelines for repainting any part of my home’s exterior?

Approved colors and paint guidelines are found by CLICKING HERE and Approved color binders are available for review at the clubhouse. The online Design Review Board (DRB) application is also on this website at the following link:[Request Design Approval]. DRB applications are required to be submitted and approved prior to beginning any painting, construction, or landscaping work. Please note the Color Guides disclaimer prior to choosing your color schemes since the use of any computer, tablet or monitor will not allow the actual color to be displayed properly. Any of these devices will show the same scheme in slightly different shades; therefore, use of the actual color books located at the Arbor Greene Clubhouse or a visit to the Sherwin Williams store is recommended. Please also note that HOA Color Books are not allowed to be checked out from the Clubhouse and must be viewed on site. Please use the Contact-Us link to reach our Management team for any questions you may have: [Contact Us].

How do I handle landscape changes or other exterior modifications, such as fencing, pools & tree removal?

Landscaping and other acceptable exterior property modifications are detailed within the Design Review Criteria and require submission and approval of a DRB application prior to beginning any work. [Request Design Approval]

Yard Waste, Recycling and Household Waste

Household Trash, Recycling, and Yard-Waste are placed curb-side no earlier than 6pm of the night before pickup (Sunday or Wednesday), and must be removed from curb-side and placed out of site within 24 hours of scheduled pickup. These bins must be placed at least 3 feet from each other to allow the collection vehicles to pick up each container. Please note, with the exception of Yard-Waste, Household Waste and Recycling must fit within their respectively colored receptacles; otherwise, residents will need to coordinate a special pick-up with Republic Services. Any items placed beside a colored receptacle, will not be picked up by regular weekly waste collection services.Yard-waste must be broken up into no more than 12 separate 30-gallon containers, or 2 cubic yards of stacked material. Stacks are to be tied with twine, string, or rope, and can’t be longer than 4 feet, and weigh less than 50 lbs per stack or container. Hillsborough County is responsible for Arbor Greene Solid-Waste collection and uses the same collection guidelines as the city of Tampa. For more info, visit

What are my watering days and current water restriction?

Specific 2 day watering schedules are based on resident’s numbered home address. Drought conditions can force local water restrictions, reducing watering days and times. Watering day and time schedules, as well as water restrictions, can be found at

Is on-street parking allowed within Arbor Greene?

The CC&R’s do not permit overnight on-street parking by homeowners, residents or their visitors. These covenants specifically require residents to make use of garages for primary parking of at least two vehicles, with remaining vehicles parked on the driveway but not blocking sidewalks and extended into streets. Vehicles shall be parked on paved surfaces. Homeowners and residents are permitted to park an overflow vehicle sideways along the portion of the driveway between sidewalk and street as long as the sidewalk is not blocked and the vehicle does not extend any portion into the street.

Guests who park on-street during the day hours for homeowner and resident events shall allow ample room for emergency vehicles which is at a minimum of ten (10) feet. Parking across from a residential driveway or within ten (10) feet of a street corner is not permitted.
Vehicles shall not block fire hydrants, access to retention ponds, crosswalks, entrance rights of way, or any main community roadway including circles. Further community rules and regulations concerning parking may also apply.

For more information on City of Tampa Parking Ordinances, please CLICK HERE.

What are Mailbox colors and maintenance guidelines?

The 12 villages of Arbor Greene contain 3 main mailbox types, originating with wooden post to stucco housed mailboxes. To clarify which mailbox options you have, please visit your specific village page and select the mailbox icon. For your convenience, you can use our virtual Arbor Greene map to select your village and view your village documents, including the mailbox options:

Exact mailbox colors, their numbers, and maintenance guidelines, have been updated to reflect current information available through most paint stores as indicated in the document below, and for your convenience, can be printed to take to the paint store of your choice.

Where can I get a For Sale Sign?

There are two For Sale sign vendors approved by the association. [CLICK HERE] to view contact information and specifications.

How do I formally request official HOA documents for my records or review?

The Arbor Greene Records Inspection Resolution provides details regarding formal request for documents other than documents contained on this website. For the latest details, please select and review this link: Records Inspection Resolution 01-22-2019.

What is considered property maintenance?

In accordance with the Declaration, Article XII, Section 1, each homeowner shall keep all property owned by him or designated as his responsibility, including any improved portions, in good order and repair. These responsibilities, which include, but are not limited to, seeding, watering and mowing of homeowner’s lawns and the pruning and cutting of all trees and shrubbery. This also includes the maintenance of the verge areas outside the property lines.

“Good order and repair” also pertain to a home’s overall appearance. Clean surfaces, neat and tidy landscape beds, clean driveways and sidewalks and a debris free yard are all required and shall be regularly maintained.

All portions of the residential property visible from other residential properties, street or from any recreational areas and facilities shall be kept in an orderly condition so as not to detract from the neat appearance of the property.

All trees shall be regularly trimmed and free of dead and dying branches. Trees are to be maintained and pruned to no longer than ten (10) feet above all public throughways to include sidewalks and streets. Maintenance pruning of trees planted in the verge within the property’s frontage are the responsibility of the homeowner. Sidewalks between the property and verge are also the responsibility of the homeowner. Sidewalks shall always be kept clean and free of debris.

The replacement of dead, diseased or destroyed landscaping materials, including turf, with plant material of equal quality and size shall be considered a minimum maintenance standard and does not require an application. Diseased landscaping materials may present a risk to nearby properties and therefore shall be remedied immediately. For additional information regarding landscaping, see the Landscaping section of the Design Review Criteria.

Below is a list of improvements to be considered property maintenance which do not require a DRB application:

Exterior touch up painting – a single complete surface, wall, trim may be painted the same color as part of minimum maintenance standards. No “spot” painting is permitted.

Painting of wood fencing, mailboxes, screen cages and gutters the original approved color.

Maintaining existing landscaping beds as long as there is no change in the size or type of material used. (Replacing a boxwood with a boxwood or a palm with a palm). Dead, dying or destroyed landscaping material shall be removed immediately and replaced as soon as possible.

Removal of any tree with a trunk under 5” in diameter.